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Prayer is intimate relational connection with God. 

My heart is to lead people past their preconceptions of what prayer is…past knowledge OF God, to knowing Him. I have an enormous passion for God’s sons and daughters recognizing and accessing the intimate relationship God wants to have with them.
I developed a prayer ministry and provided teaching on prayer that has profoundly impacted many (often longtime) believers who emerged discovering that they can hear from God...that He knows them. They are now able to have a dynamic personal prayer life that brings transformation to their lives as well as those around them. 
Helping people come to a right understanding of the heart of God

and how He sees them is one of my greatest joys.

Prayer: Purpose & Power is a four-week class designed as training for ministry staff, leaders and prayer teams as well as personal growth.

The purpose of this class is to de-construct and reconstruct our understanding of prayer. To blow up the box in which we have placed God and our identity, and to experience freedom and confidence in our life, community and ministry.

If you are interested in taking Prayer & Purpose Power personally or would like me to  teach the class at your church:

"I took Gina's prayer class with the desire to learn how to pray over people in  a more meaningful way.  Never did I imagine that it would become an incredible journey that furthered my own personal and spiritual growth in ways that have brought me to a more intimate relationship with the Father."

Linda Seitz - Biblical Counselor & Life Coach

"Gina is a prayer warrior who is able to teach others how to pray in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. She's an engaging teacher guiding the class through Scripture, stories and example. Though I considered myself able to pray for others and in groups,  Gina's prayer training changed my prayer life from one of speaking my own thoughts to listening and waiting on the Holy Spirit's promptings and praying in partnership with the Lord."

Ginny Leck - Ministry Leader


"Gina has a passion for restoring the lost identity of the bride of Christ by shifting our focus from self to God. Gina taught me that confidence and humility go together, and she lives her life as an example of what she teaches. She leads from a stance of The Father's heart and works with a spirit of excellence upon her life."

Niki Rice

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Prayer: Purpose & Power

Prayer Training Curriculum


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